Thursday, 5 November 2015

Service will resume shortly...

So, it appears it didn't take me long to get distracted.

I got distracted by a lot of things, and also remembered why I haven't painted metallics in a while (well silver/steel anyway) - I don't really enjoy it.

My first distraction was the Witcher 3, which is my opinion was a worthy distraction, but a distraction all the same.  And that took a lot of my time, to be honest.
Other distracting video games include "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture", "Rocket League", "Until Dawn" and currently "NHL 16".
There is also the inescapable fact that "Fallout 4" is coming out in a few days, and I may have pre-ordered that.  So there is still plenty of potential distractions to come.

I have also been sidetracked by other models - I bought Mice & Mystics recently(ish) and have started painting some of those models (no pictures as of yet, but hopefully that might change soon).  And then in a period of 'sorting my stuff out' I glued (or blu-tac'd) all of my Privateer Press stuff together, then undercoated it all.  Which isn't remotely deserving of a picture.

Finally, I haven't, for reasons that I will not go into here, 'felt' the whole painting thing all that much.  I am hoping that will change soon, and I will have some things to show and talk about.

I aim (although I make no promises) to get some kind of review(s) about at least one of the video games mentioned above, and/or some board games our group have also been playing recently.

Until next time (hopefully sooner than this one was)!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dropzone Commander UCM Work-in-Progress

Recently (well, back in April) I bought the Dropzone Commander two-player starter set.  I will probably review the contents of the entire boxset at some point, however between then and now I have been (slowly) painting up the entirety of the UCM (Unified Colonies of Mankind) models that come with the box.  This includes:
  • 3x Bear APCs (incl 1 spare)
  • 3x Sabre MBTs
  • 3x Rapier AA Tanks
  • 3x Condor Medium Dropships
  • 6x Colonial Legionnaire Squads
In my defense, this is my first time at painting anything at 10mm scale (indeed, I think it is my first time at painting anything less than 28mm scale), and the above didn't look like too much plastic to start painting all together.  However, it turns out that it was.  Hence why I am still working on them all two-and-a-half months later.

In my defense part two, I am a slow painter anyway, and don't usually get a large amount of time to dedicate to painting, so me taking a while to paint all this isn't exactly unexpected.  I have taken many photos of the various stages, however instead of showing all of those now, I will instead show the latest - with the armour and camo painted, along with picking out many areas with black, and having just painted the tyres/tracks/boots of the various models.

The three Bears:

The three Sabres (front) and Rapiers (back):

The three Condors:

The Legionnaires:

 Close up of the legionnaires:

 I think the lighting could possibly do with a little work, but I think you get the basic idea.

All of the vehicles were basecoated in Vallejo MC Dark Sand, with the brown camo lines painted with Vallejo MC German Camo Med Brown, and the green with Vellejo MC Luftwaffe Cam Green.  For the troops I went through a few different ideas of how I was going to paint them, but they ended up being basecoated in the brown, with the green then sand then stippled on.  If I had my time again I would probably go with the same order as I did the tanks in, but with them being so small I didn't want to paint too many layers and obscure some of the detail.
They were then all washed with Vallejo European Dust.  The boots/tracks/tyres were basecoated with Vallejo MC German Grey.  They were then given a mid highlight with German Grey and Vellejo MC Dark Bluegrey, with a final highlight of pure Dark Bluegrey, then washed with Vallejo Black Wash.  And that is as far as we have got.  I have washed some other areas with black wash on the tanks, just for definition.

My next step is the metallics.  I haven't painted with metallics for a while, so it will be something of a change for me.  Hopefully I can get that done within the next week or so.